Commercial Locksmiths in Adelaide

At Mitcham Locksmiths, we provide a commercial locksmithing service for our customers around Adelaide. If your business is located in the Adelaide Hills, Eastern Suburbs or South Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide we can help you with the following locksmith services:

Why Pick Mitcham Locksmiths (Excuse The Pun)

Unlike most locksmiths, we are also licensed and experienced in all facets of building and home maintenance, meaning we can also offer you our services and advice on:

  • Repairing, Replacing and refitting doors, windows or partition walls
  • Building, installing and/or repairing door and window frames
  • Installation or repair of security safes
  • Supplying and fitting security screens or bars
  • Generally supplying, building or repairing anything to increase the safety and aesthetic appeal of your home or workplace
  • We service a specific area of Adelaide which means we can get out to you very fast. Our service area is the Adelaide Hills, Eastern Suburbs & South Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide.
  • Mitcham Locksmiths has many positive reviews on Yellow Pages & True Local and we take our community reviews with a lot of pride. 
Commercial Locksmith in Adelaide

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Operating Hours:  Customer service 24/7

Areas Serviced:  Mitcham, Adelaide (eastern, city and inner southern suburbs). To see a full list visit this link