Emergency Locksmiths Adelaide

Mitcham Locksmiths offers a 24 hour 7 days a week emergency locksmithing service in Adelaide. Mainly servicing the Adelaide Hills, Eastern & Southeastern Suburbs of Adelaide.

You may require emergency locksmith services for any number of reasons:

  • You may have locked yourself out?
  • Did your key break off in the lock?
  • Were you broken into?
  • Have you simply lost your keys?

There may be other reasons but these are these are the most common we see. If you require an emergency locksmith then please give Mitcham Locksmiths a call today.

We are able to get out to your home or office quickly. This means we can get you back into your home or office and make your property safe and secure again.

You can call us on 0408 833 989

Are you a business owner and need a commercial locksmith?

As mentioned, Mitcham Locksmiths can service any commercial business at any time of the day or night. If your business has been broken into, or you have lost your keys. We can get you back inside in no time.

Give us a call on 0408 833 989 or click here to send us an email.

We also offer repair work for the area around your lock!

In addition to locksmith work, all of our locksmiths can repair windows and doors. In many cases, we see that people have either tried to get themselves back in or they have been broken into. Which means windows and doors are chipped, cracked or broken.

By offering this service, it allows us to offer you a full start to finish service.

Why pick Mitcham Locksmiths? …excuse the pun!

Mitcham Locksmiths has many positive reviews on Yellow Pages and True Local. We take our community reviews very seriously, and with a lot of pride. So if you need an emergency locksmith Adelaide then give us a call today.

You can call us on 0408 833 989